When It Rains…

A friend of mine recently reminded me that when it rains, it pours.

Simultaneously, another dear friend of mine reminded me about the importance of sharing our stories with others. We do this, not because we love attention (but the actor in my certainly enjoys the spotlight), but because unless we share and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we can never grow to be more like Christ.  The same Christ who shared His Story with the whole world.  Think about it. What do you think it means to spread the Gospel!

God shares His story; we should share ours.

If you need something to talk about with God during your prayer time, below is a monsoon you might could help me out with:

1. The wife is in pain post surgery.
2. Our one week old, newborn baby is beautiful and perfect and amazing! (That’s a prayer of Thanksgiving)
3. The other three children are having hard times adjusting to number four…in truth, so are mommy and daddy.
4. 60% Short Term Disability is not as much as you think, but we are thankful for it none-the-less.
5. We need a new hot water heater.  The current one decided to hemorrhage from all exit!
6. I JUST FOUND OUT THAT PESTS HAVE EATEN THROUGH MY DANG SINK DRAIN PIPE!  To make matters worse, my pest control company doesn’t care about the damages that their services should have prevented.  Clark Exterminating in Arkansas – Don’t use them.
7. I return to work next Monday, but it is evident that my family needs me here.
8. People don’t tip their delivery drivers. I took on a part time job and am working 70 hour weeks for no gain.
9. A dear friend of mine has gone to great lengths to help me with my career. (More Thanksgiving!)
10. My back deck is falling apart due to wet rot (and a healthy dose of age).

Despite all of this, during Adoration this morning, the Great I Am reminded of something that means much, much more to me (and Him) than any of the problems we are currently facing…enveloping myself in the Love of God through my interfacing with my wife and four children. That is my deepest desire and the proof is in the pudding, my friends…and that pudding is fantastic!

You should try some.  Here.

I shared my joys and pains, you comment and share yours.

Let’s get a community of prayerful men and women praying and serving one another.

In Christ,
The Patriarch

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