Both Eyes Open

As of late, my soul has been sitting in waiting, longing for magus moments to come along and inspire me. Typically these moments will fill me with great joy, provide for great inspiration about God’s Love, and sustain me in consolation.

Alas, it has been some time since a magus moment has been made manifest in my life, but I realized today that I have been missing what IS before me.

What do I mean? Well, when I stop waiting for Divine Revelation, I can instead see the Divinity ever-present in my life.

It’s kinda like coming to the realization that God never stops loving you, even if you don’t acknowledge it or forget the Truth or happen to be looking/working in the wrong direction.

What do I mean? Well, simply put, I have been blind to God who has been staring right back at me. I was waiting to hear His voice, and I have been deaf to the voices standing right beside me…

Of course, I am talking about my beautiful girls, my handsome boy, and my Saint-like wife. On numerous occasions, any one of my family members would do or say something that takes my breath away. Simple things, too, things so easy to overlook…

Like when KenleyAnn will hold her blanket out and say in her two-year-old incoherent, tiny voice, “Daddy, Help me.” At which point I will take the blanket, throw it over my shoulder, and hold out my hand. Then her tiny hand takes mine and we presume on the arduous adventure of going down the stairs in our house. I tell you those moments catch my breath…I realize just how much Love passes between me and my angel. I acknowledge that Love and thank God for it.

Like when Riley, my mini-me, and I will be snuggling on the couch watching some irrelevant show on TV and both of us find ourselves laughing loudly to some silly slap-stick humor. I tell you that laughter is a gift that lifts spirits and when you share that gift in space-time with someone who you would lay your life down for, you find yourself thanking God for the little things.

Like when Skylar, my infant, and I are both waking up on a Sunday morning, but we don’t actually want to get out of bed so we just stare at each other. I’ll wink at her. She’ll smile. She’ll slap me in the face. Cassie will laugh. Then I’ll lose myself in Skylar’s bright blue eyes that are smiling back at me as she continues to slap my face with her tiny uncoordinated hands. I tell you that it is beyond joy to watch your baby radiate happiness and contentment as you realize the only thing in the whole world she wants is some one on one time with her daddy and mommy…pelting daddy’s face is optional. You see God in those moments.

Like when I taught Madison a secret handshake that only she and I will ever know and I tell her that the secret meaning behind the handshake is “I love you.” Days later, out of the blue, and very secretively Madison walks up to daddy and gives him the secret handshake and skips away, leaving daddy awestruck and humbled by Love that He knows he neither deserved nor worked for. I tell you that a daughter’s Love is a gift more precious than any jewel or pleasure on this Earth. You see God in her eyes when she looks at you as if you are the greatest man that ever lived.

Or, finally, like when my wife and I will be in church and we turn towards one another just to give each other a wink. Over the years those winks have come to mean so many different things from “I love you” to “Hey, hottie” to…well…enough said. I tell you that I still get lost in Cassie’s beauty – physical, spiritual, or what have you. I acknowledge that she is the greatest gift God ever gave me, and I thank God for her.

So there you have it. For months, I have been looking for God in all places except in the very lives that are breathing before me. When my eyes get opened, I realize how blind I have been, and I can see much more clearly that God never stops loving us.

It is my prayer that you who is reading this will also have your eyes opened to the ever-present Love that is always with you. Love from the Father and love from the ones God puts in your life.

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